Letter to Parents March 2019

Dear Parents, Guardians, Community Members, and Friends,

The 5
th grade International Baccalaureate Student Exhibition held on Friday, March 8, 2019, was a great success; our 5th graders exhibited tremendous learning in their group projects that involved higher order thinking skills, collaboration skills through working in a team, and effective communication skills through sharing with others about what they learned. Students shared their learnings as pertaining to real-world subjects, such as, homelessness, climate change, healthy living, ocean pollution, inspiration through art, and more.

Their presentations of how they turned their passion into action were extremely impressive and creative; this exemplified the power of the IB to enhance their learning. It provided them with an opportunity to synthesize their prior learning from their elementary school experience. This type of learning is empowering our students in each grade to take their own learning experiences to a higher level. It truly was amazing to see what our students had come with. Kudos goes to our students for their hard work in completing their projects; as a next step,
by the end of the school year they will be taking thoughtful action upon what they have learned.

Special thanks also goes to our school staff who provided mentorship to our students, serving as guides and resources to our students during the process of completing the projects. Mahalo especially to our IB Primary Years Coordinator, Trisha Shipman-Lameier, for her excellent efforts. It was a privelege mentoring an exhibition student group this year, and it was a terrific experience in being involved in supporting our students in their learning.

Your Partner in Education,
Brendan Burns, Head of School/Principal

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